For many years, humanity has questioned its origins and place on this universe.

We, from the Institute of Animotheism, wholeheartedly believe that each living being has its own omnipotent power and prowess.

Animotheism is derived from the words "Animo", which means "Animate"; "To bring life". And the sufix "-theism", which is the belief in a God or Gods.

For additional, but limited, information regarding animotheism, click here.

We'd like to thank you for your interest in animotheism. This website, which will detial the main aspects of it, is still under contruction. For more updates, consider following our main researchers: tetradecimal and cubyx.

[meta:: cubyx is no longer on the project, i'll keep its twitter linked here due to it being a huge part of this whole thing. <3]

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